Job After Retirement – What You Should Know

One of the best things a retired person can do is look for another job. This may sound contradictory, but there are several good reasons for getting a part-time job or working from home that benefit older workers. It’s fun to take on a new challenge, do something you always wanted to do but never had the chance, stay active and engaged, meet people and augment your retirement fund. Unfortunately, according to the Canadian Association of Retired People (CARP), many businesses are not oriented to employing part-time people, especially if they are older.

Sales is one area where age is not a major issue. Employees are paid by commission, so the employer is more open to employing older people. In 2013, a job fair was sponsored by CARP to connect employers with older candidates. The companies most interested in making the connection were those with sales and franchise opportunities.

If you would like to re-enter the work force on your terms, you can take some advice from Marie Bountrogianni. She offers tips for attending interviews and presenting resumes.

  • You won’t be asked your age directly, but you may be tricked into giving it by the interviewer. Be careful not to give you age, but you can mention that you have plenty of free time and can be flexible about your working hours.
  • Let the interviewer know that you know how to use social media for marketing or that you have other business-oriented skills on and offline. You don’t want to give the impression that you play computer games all day.
  • You should give the impression that you are enthusiast about the job and are not simply looking for something to do. The interviewer wants an employee who will benefit the company. It is not their intention to babysit or entertain you.

You will need to write a new resume. There are some ways you can avoid the age issue. One is to leave out specific dates when possible, such as previous jobs or schooling. You don’t need to start from your first job out of high school. You can organize your resume around your skills and experience and not necessarily in chronological order.

No matter what your age, employers want up-to-date and enthusiastic employees. You can take some courses that will educate you on the latest in your field or you can learn more about a different area where you have interest. Finally, don’t let the interviewer be the only one who asks questions. If you have questions, feel free to ask. It shows the interviewer that you want to learn more about the job and the company.

Older people have a lot to offer, and if they follow these suggestions, they have a good chance of making a good impression and getting a job after retirement.

Case for Equal Custody Gains Ground

The days of one parent gaining custody of his or her children may be close to over, if advocates for shared parenting laws get their way in the U.S. A recent push in several states for divorced parents to share equal custody has energized advocates and forced lawmakers to consider new formulas and an entirely different mindset when deciding what to do with the children after a divorce.

The proponents of shared parenting are making an increasingly accepted argument that children’s best interests should be paramount, not the desires of one parent or another. In other words, decisions on custody should not exclusively be based on the merits of the mother or father as a caregiver. Rather, recent research that indicates children thrive when spending equal amounts of time with both parents should be heeded.

Shared parenting has its limits, of course, which even the most diehard advocates would acknowledge, such as a history of abuse by a parent or substance abuse issues.

State bar associations are chiming in with parenting groups in the U.S. to say that the time is long overdue for family law to be crafted in the best interest of children. Lawmakers in Arkansas apparently have listened to such logic, passing a law recently that called for “approximate and reasonable, equal division of time” for children between parents. This move was a clear reversal of Arkansas’ case law, which had long stated that joint custody was not a favored outcome in divorce proceedings, just one example of a sea change in thinking on custody that could be occurring.

The states of Connecticut and Maryland have task forces studying family law issues, including a focus on the question of whether shared custody is in the best interest of children. A bill in Florida recently passed with provision of alimony reform and shared parenting, even though the governor later vetoed it.

What other states are balking at are formulaic divisions of custody, such as the measure that Minnesota’s governor vetoed in 2012 that would have increased the minimum amount of custody for each parent from 25% to 35%. In addition, state bar associations have fought proposals mandating 50-50 custody, opting for recommended guidelines that judges could consider when granting joint physical custody.

Why the recent favor for shared parenting across America? Three primary reasons are given by parenting organizations that have pushed the legislation:

  1. The convergence of gender roles, which has led to many more men being caretakers
  2. Public opinion: polls indicate that a large majority of Americans support shared custody.
  3. The power granted to custodial parents by courts over the past 30 years, which has left non-custodial parents angry and frustrated, creating the climate for the current backlash.

Even if shared parenting is not right for all divorcing couples, state laws should reflect that both parents have equality in custodial arrangements, advocates argue. A system where one parent gets far more custody than another has encouraged widespread bitterness and made divorces far messier because the stakes are so high.

Author Bio: Greg Aziz is a freelance copywriter with a Journalism degree from University of Toronto and with over 5 years of experience writing for hundreds of companies from virtually any industry. Feel free to connect with him on TwitterGoogle +Linkedin, or Quora

Four Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney


Having a personal injury attorney is far better than representing yourself on a number of levels an even though it might cost you a pretty penny, the compensations and all the legal actions that you can take against the people responsible for your injuries make having a person of the law by your side, more than worthwhile.

There are a number of reasons for which to have an attorney by your side, and there are a lot of benefits that he or she can bring to the table.


An in depth knowledge of injury law

Indeed, injuries have their own law, and a lawyer that specializes in injury law is the person that you will be seeking out. There are a lot of scenarios and a lot of things that you as a simple citizen are unable to know about, and even though these things seem a little far-fetched and exaggerated at times, they are there for a pretty good reason.

Negotiating abilities

A good attorney is also a good negotiator, especially when the law is on your side. Think of it this way, that injury that you have sustained could of have ended your life, or your career, or your ability to use a certain sense, thus rendering you crippled or worse. There are a lot of scenarios where your attorney will negotiate some sort of compensation for you outside of the court room and if negotiations fail, the court room is the next stop.

A good lawyer is able to prepare a compelling case

You are given the right to represent yourself, and that is generally a bad thing, even if you are a lawyer in the first place. You need that injury attorney to compile the case and the evidence and prepare them in a way in which it present you in the exact light that you need. It goes without saying that this is the critical part because if your case is missing one or more key elements, it can easily go down the drain in an accelerated fashion.

A good lawyer is able to represent you in court

Indeed it takes a very skilled lawyer to corner to opposition and win the trial. Law is as much about presenting the clients as it is about knowing the law itself, therefore a lawyer needs to be far more than educated in law, he or she also has to know how and when to twist and turn the specifics of the law in order to put you in a good light and take you out on top every single time with every single argument that they make.

It is more than clear that in case of injury, you should not stand aside. That injury could of have cost you a lot, or it could have undesired effects later, therefore you need a lawyer and you need that representation in court in order to obtain the compensation that you rightfully deserve and is specified by the law.

What Can a Real Estate Lawyer Do for me?

Many people that buy and sell homes always wonder what a real estate lawyer really does for them. There are lots of papers and fancy terms but what is the real use of a Real Estate lawyer you might ask and can I just get a cheap lawyer? There are many cheap services popping up who state they have the ability and authority to complete all the paperwork needed to complete your real estate transaction. Many new and even old home consumers are tempted by these companies just in the name of saving a few bucks but at what price? Many cheap services save cost by cutting down your security, searches, and insurances. Lawyers are your defense and protection against fraud and keep the deal from falling through. Most people hear a quote from lawyers over $1000 and assume this is all going to the lawyer when in actuality majority of the funds are spent on paper work and insurance to cover your asset. Things like title Searches, title insurance, and mortgage registrations are what takes up majority of the funds and usually leaves the real estate lawyer with only a small fraction of the request price.

After going into a $500,000 investment the lawyer is the last place you want to save money, cheaper lawyers tend to rely heavily on real estate clerks, who require no legal or post-secondary education. They can hire anyone off the street give them a check list to run through and miss important details which could cost you much more to fix in the end. If things are not done correctly it could cost you the deal, or worse cost you the home as missed back taxes, leans, and even fraud could cause one of the greatest moments in your life to be the biggest nightmare. With Condos becoming the greater transactions seen, the only difference between extra costs brought on by special assessments and insuring that the reserve fund is in good health and the nightmare of waking up to a notice stating you have to make 3 payments of 10,000 in the next 6 months is the 200$ saves by using a cheaper lawyer who didn’t bother to warn you.

A good rule to remember is that “you get what you pay for”. If you’re cutting corners by not purchasing title insurance, and solicit the services of low-priced or discounted legal services you may find that you are not hiring a lawyer but their legal clerk. Choose wisely as this is commonly the biggest purchase and investment of your life.

Injury Lawyer Tips For Personal Case

They are saying it is important on an injury lawyer in relation to personal injury cases. Without a doubt, it’s important but it is not enough. A successful case will only be probable if you possess the correct information. In the end, the evidence will tell everything.

Reporting the actual Episode

First thing you’ll have to do whenever you simply got the accident is to report this. Typically, many of us phone the particular urgent situation hotline quantity that’s 911. A security officer or a rescuer will truly respond and can ask you to document a study. It is important that this information granted has to be sincere and accurate. It could be greatest when there may be someone else or possibly a witness who are able to furthermore help out with filling in the right information.

Get together Important Records

While mishaps and incidents take place, you can’t really prevent medical treatments. Certainly, not all accidents can be burial plot but it is necessary to get medical therapy given it can be used as evidence. Your document provides detailed information about your injury along with the fees. Using this type of accessible, be more successful for that injury lawyer to be able to get your case because of their customer. Apart from health care records, you may also collect other important records according to your own accident. If you’ve been in a very car destroy then you definitely have to have almost all important records about the actual car’s authentic price along with its repair expenses. Furthermore, additionally it is important how the lawyer could have a new copy for the police’s document about the accident.


Keeping All of the Records

Following gathering all the necessary files as well as records, the following point will be saving them. It needs to be saved in a good place. It would also be better when there is more than one copy of each document and the lawyer should have no less than one associated with each document.

Some other Important Records

Apart from legitimate records from your hospital, law enforcement officials or even via insurance companies, it will be much better if you have a private log about the actual accident. Your record need to consist of each of the necessary information about the particular event. It has to possess the brands and make contact with variety of your physicians or rescuers and also the witnesses. Besides the brands of folks, the diary must offer the date and time involving medical meetings and also interview. You see, a structured witness is often a legitimate witness.

Generally, injury situations might take too much time to settle where there are a handful of who might not need to deal with the particular case. If you are individual sufficient and organized then your end result you want will be simpler to achieve. After all, what you will be looking can be justice in fact it is probable by making use of the injury lawyer.

Justice that is unhampered and also trustworthy must be offered stress in order for individuals not to mistreatment your goodness. To do, you have to seek specialists which can help a person develop a robust case in opposition to their own wrongdoings.

Finding Best Lawyer Tips

An excellent lawyer can make a big difference in the world when it comes to someone’s legal matters. Whether it’s for dealing with the criminal or even targeted traffic matter, acquiring top tips or creating legal records inside a suitable manner, it’s essential to look for a qualified rep. Listed below are couple of tips with regard to finding the very best legal professional to do the job:

– Reputation: Absolutely nothing explains to far more about someone compared to their own reputation. This kind of information can be obtained in many different etiquette. A good way to begin could be by looking at the state of Hawaii Tavern or even Licensing Table where you live throughout order to get a list regarding attorneys who are in good standing. There are several online referral providers which will list attorneys in numerous spots, along with their specialties along with consumer reviews. Requesting close friends, family members, neighborhood friends as well as business affiliates about who they have employed or observed about is a superb way to obtain expression involving mouth information.

– Specialties: Choose just what legal requires you’ve inside order in order to filter your research straight down through lawful specialties. There’s a wide range of choices around, including people who focus about property, individual bankruptcy, breakup, criminal instances and more.

– Communication skills: Once a particular person offers simplified their list to 3 or four achievable applicants, you need to setup some interviews to discover which the best in shape is. The trademark indication of a good business partnership is certainly one with good communication. How does your office workers treat potential clients around the phone? Is it enticing as well as professional? How long is the wait to speak with or even go to by having a legal professional? It’s important to be able to get reasonably immediate access to your lawyer. Having a candid chat with the potential attorney will advise you a lot about his manner, information foundation and whether or not the two of you click adequate for the partnership.

– Fees: That is something which has to be discussed about in advance. Based on the form of case and in what way this certain law office methods, fees could possibly be per hour, per case or set over a contingency time frame. Any backup schedule signifies that the actual lawyer accumulates fees in relation to the particular settlement that is certainly received for that client. A retainer may be needed, as well. Any retainer is a lump sum regarding money gathered by the legal practice at the start. Because expenditures count way up, they’re taken using this retainer. read more story here..

What You Need To Know When Working With A Lawyer.

Working with a lawyer can be a stressful situation, regardless of the reasons that brought you to their law office. Thankfully, there are a variety of ways that you can make it easier on yourself when working with a lawyer – all it takes is some patience, a little time, and these tips to help make the entire process easier on you.

Interview Many Candidates – Never Be Satisfied With Your First Choice.

Often the situation that brings us to need a lawyer is so stressful itself that we have a tendency to decide to work with the first lawyer we find in the paper. This is a bad decision. You need to take some time and research your options. What kind of case do you have? Does this lawyer have experience handling (and winning) this type of case? Do you have any friends who have had good experiences with particular lawyers? It is worth it to ask around – get good recommendations from friends or other people that you trust and then interview their lawyers. Above all, make sure your questions are answered by the lawyer and that you feel comfortable with having them represent you.

Be Clear in Your Expectations

Lawyers are often very busy, which might mean that they will not have as much time for your case as you would like. When you are interviewing your potential lawyer, ask them about when they are available to meet. Will they be available by telephone? Are they often out of town and therefore hard to contact? If you feel that your case will need a lot of personal attention (and, depending on the fee, you probably deserve that attention), then it is best to be up front and clear about your expectations. The last thing you need is to choose a lawyer that is never available to help you.

Working with Attorney

Be Clear and Comfortable With the Lawyer’s Fee

Working with a lawyer can be an expensive experience, but if the lawyer you have chosen is able to get a ruling in your favor, it might be worth the costs. Once you’re comfortable enough with a lawyer that you are ready to go over their fees with them, be sure that you are also comfortable with how much they are charging. Is there a retainer? What happens in the event that the ruling is not in your favor? What happens if the ruling is in your favor? How much will the overall costs be? Get it all in writing – that way there are no hidden fees to jump out at you and charge you extra later.

Be Prepared and Be Satisfied

Make sure, no matter who you choose, that you do a little research before you commit to working with a lawyer. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a second opinion from another lawyer – so if you feel like you are not being treated the way that you would like to be treated or that the lawyer does not have enough experience with your types of cases, then make sure you trust your instinct and move on to someone who is better suited for your needs.

What Should I Look for When Selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Selecting a personal injury lawyer can be a confusing and stressful process – especially considering the fact that you’ve sustained injuries and now need to find someone to help you receive the settlement you deserve. There are many things to consider when selecting a personal injury lawyer, but here are 5 tips that you can use to ensure that you come out a winner on the other end of the judicial process. [Read more…]

How to Select an Immigration Attorney.

Moving to a foreign country is an exciting process, but also one that can bring about a lot of stress and unforeseen problems – especially when it comes to the actual process of immigrating. One way you can eliminate some of the stress is by hiring an immigration attorney, but how do you choose? We will outline some tips and tricks you can employ to ensure that you select the best immigration possible for you – with the least amount of stress.

Does This Firm Have a Stellar Reputation With its Clients?

As with most things, the more you know, the better you will be. The same goes for choosing an immigration attorney. Does this firm have extensive experience with immigration cases? How satisfied are their customers? Were you recommended to this firm by a friend who has used them for immigration purposes? If this firm doesn’t normally deal with immigration law, then it’s probably best to move on to another firm – one that regularly handles, or specializes in immigration law, so that you get the best representation to help you with your immigration case.

Who Will Be Handling Your Case?

Will you be dealing with an attorney personally? Often immigration cases are passed on to paralegals, so there is no guarantee that you will be working with an attorney – make sure that you clarify who exactly will be dealing with your case. If you have questions about your immigration proceedings, be sure that you’re speaking with an attorney – if it is indicated that your fees will be paying for an attorney, then you should have an attorney answering your questions.

Immigration Attorney

Does This Firm Have Experience With Your Type Immigration Case?

Depending on what type of case you have, a firm may or may not have varying degrees of experience for that particular case type. Are you applying for a work visa? A student visa? Is it a spouse or relative that will be immigrating? In order to have a successful immigration case, your immigration attorney should have specific experience with your immigration needs – ask a lot of questions and make sure you are satisfied with the answers. When in doubt, ask to see case records. If you’re not satisfied, then it’s time to move on.

Research and Be Thorough – Only Be Satisfied With the Best

Whether or not your immigration case is successful can have a lot to do with the attorney that you decide to use. Though this process can seem intimidating, there is no shame in saying “no” and looking around – you only want the best representation and if you’re not sure that the attorney you’re interviewing can provide that for you, you are under no obligation to use them to represent your case. Ultimately, this is your life and a lot is hanging upon your ability to acquire the proper immigration documents, so make sure that you choose a reputable attorney to represent you. It might mean the difference between being able to immigrate or not. read more on this blog

Guidelines To Selecting Attorneys That Citizens Need To Master

Choosing an attorney can be an intense and often intimidating (not to mention expensive) experience, but it is also an experience that many of us will have to go through at one point in our lives or another. By following these guidelines to selecting an attorney, citizens will be able to master the skills they need in order to find quality representation that will give them the best chance at getting a favorable ruling for their case.
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